Becoming a Troll

As many of you may have known, since 19th last month, I started working for Nokia, Qt Development Frameworks (formerly Trolltech) as a software engineer. It is my first job. My focus will be the graphics and text rendering area of Qt. Since the work is based at the Oslo office of Nokia, I’ve moved to Oslo, Norway. It is an entirely new environment for me to get used to, also a lot of challenges and fun. As Trolltech people usually call themselves, I can now officially declare myself as a “troll”.

As a side note, I will continue working on my open source projects (vim-cocoa, DictUnifier, TextEdit+, etc.) as usual, though this relocation stuff took most of my energy for a month, updates (including blog updates) will be back to normal soon.


Good Luck :)

Posted by kai on 7 August 2010 @ 4pm

Welcome on board! ^_^

Posted by Liang Qi on 7 August 2010 @ 4pm


Posted by old9 on 7 August 2010 @ 9pm

Norway 好地方啊,有极光可以看。 Good luck!

Posted by Darksail on 7 August 2010 @ 10pm

Hi troll~

Good luck! Hope to see your new text rendering engine in Qt! I love Qt 😀

Posted by demonstrate on 8 August 2010 @ 3pm


Posted by suchasplus on 9 August 2010 @ 3am


Posted by lispython on 9 August 2010 @ 10am

保重! 挪威是说英语吗?

Posted by X5 on 10 August 2010 @ 1pm

@x5: 虽然不是母语,但大部分挪威人英语都说得不错。

Posted by jjgod on 10 August 2010 @ 6pm


Posted by frank on 11 August 2010 @ 11am

blog 很赞,期待更多,呵呵 祝生活愉快,工作顺利! PS:悲剧的我又回到了融科。。

Posted by Chao on 15 August 2010 @ 9pm

@Chao: 融科好啊,吃饭的地方熟悉。

Posted by jjgod on 19 August 2010 @ 9pm


Posted by zibin on 16 April 2011 @ 6pm

[…] Two years ago, I started my first job at Nokia, Qt Development Frameworks. Originally planned to become a Mac developer, I ended up working on the text layout and font rendering part of Qt. Not exactly carried out what I wanted to do, it is still a fantastic job with many good memories. Some of my favorite parts of this job are: […]

Posted by jjgod / blog - < /troll > on 7 October 2012 @ 12am

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