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Two years ago, I started my first job at Nokia, Qt Development Frameworks. Originally planned to become a Mac developer, I ended up working on the text layout and font rendering part of Qt. Not exactly carried out what I wanted to do, it is still a fantastic job with many good memories. Some of my favorite parts of this job are:

Things that didn’t work that well includes:

Anyway, after these wonderful two years, I think it’s time to move on. I want to work on something else now. So I didn’t join most of my colleagues transferring to Digia, but I sincerely think that they have a very good chance of succeed and making “Qt Everywhere” more true than it is. It has been a great ride and if anyone is looking for a job and Digia is hiring, I can recommend it without any hesitation.

I will try to cover what’s next for me in the next post, stay tuned 😉


All the best, all the best in the future, man! This is not a troll.

Posted by wow on 7 October 2012 @ 12am

Best wishes!

Posted by changke on 7 October 2012 @ 1am


Posted by Chen Xian'an on 11 October 2012 @ 4pm

Good luck man. And cannot wait for the next post XD

Posted by soulhacker on 13 October 2012 @ 9am

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