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Optimizing SHA-1 Performance on OS X

At work we need to do some SHA-1 verification on application startup, naturally we want it to run as fast as possible — no user likes their browser bounce too many times on the dock before showing up. The initial implementation is extremely naïve one, yet quite portable. It’s base on Chromium’s (which our code […]

Preserving Extended Attributes on OS X

When codesigning a Mach-O file (OS X executables or libraries), the signature information will be stored in the file itself through some Mach-O extension. When codesiging a bundle (.app or .framework), _CodeSignature directory will be created. But what happens when you codesigning a plain text file? Signature information will be stored in extended attributes. Because […]


Codesigning is one of the worst issues we had been having since we started working on the new Opera for Mac. How Apple managed to screw this up never ceased to amaze us. Since yesterday morning our build servers started to get CSSMERR_TP_NOT_TRUSTED error while code signing the Mac builds. Well, we didn’t notice until […]

opf-cc: epub 和 mobi 的自动简繁转换工具

写一个自动转换 epub 或者 mobi 格式文件的中文简繁体的工具是我一直想做的事情,因为有不少格式内容精美的书籍资源都只有繁体中文版本,而我又不习惯长篇阅读繁体,所以常常要手工转换再用 calibre 封装,不胜其烦,相信其他人也有类似需求。 上周末有空,就用 Python 写了 opf-cc 这个项目,是 Open Packaging Format Chinese Conversion 的缩写,因为 epub 和 Amazon 采用的 mobi 都只是封装方式,具体的文件布局都是按照 OPF 规范的。这里说说实现的思路。 简繁转换这个问题相对好解决,有现成的 OpenCC 在处理多繁一简或者多简一繁的问题上已经很完善了,所以就稍微修改了一下 OpenCC 的代码直接拿来用了,修改都作为 pull request 已经提交到上游了。 解包 epub 比较简单,因为 epub 实际上就是 zip 压缩包,所以用 Python 的 zipfile 模块直接就可以解压。mobi 的解包稍微麻烦一些,如果不用 calibre 那一套庞大的库,mobiunpack 就是最好的选择。 解包后需要找到应该转换的文件,比较麻烦的地方是有的目录中 href 到的文件名本身就是繁体,如果直接整个目录文件一起转换,就得把文件也对应改名,比较麻烦,这里我尝试用 lxml 来解析目录文件,挑出文本来调用 OpenCC […]

My new job

In my previous post I talked about leaving Nokia and the Qt community. So what am I joining? Turned out I’m staying in Oslo for Opera Software. Why? There are a few reasons. When I applied for a job at Nokia, Qt Development Frameworks, I also sent my resume to Opera. But their response came […]

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