4 thoughts on “TextMate 真是个有趣的编辑器”

  1. Don’t know what you meant.
    I’m using gvim/aqua from MacPort. I think it is as good as it is in Linux (except Chinese support). There isn’t much difference.

  2. J: gvim +aqua 仍然使用 QuickDraw 为 render engine, 其功能和效率都比较受限,而且其 event model 并未使用 Apple Event Manager,而是用旧的 WaitNextEvent 方式,这也是制约效率的一点。此外,许多代码夹杂 OS 9 时代的遗留,非常混乱,添加 ATSUI 和 Quartz 支持也相对困难。这就是 Mac 下 vim 的现状。尽管我目前使用的主要编辑器也是 vim,但始终觉得不爽。

  3. vim is just an editor. I don’t think such minor difference in efficiency in events handling (or font rendering) can cause any noticable difference for end users. You just need to stop thinking about it.

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