6 Frameworks Apple should include in their OS

To make developers’ lives easier, Apple really should make the following 6 frameworks bundled with their OS, it will make application distribution much better.

Author: jjgod

A software engineer from China, working on text rendering for a fruit company. Interested in typography and science fiction.

2 thoughts on “6 Frameworks Apple should include in their OS”

  1. 我建议还要加:

    regular expression, md5/sha1, base64

    还建议把 chinese calendar 尽快做好。 japanese calendar 都做好了。

    感觉 growl 没必要,说是免去了点击“确定”的麻烦,但是许多现在软件用的那些提示,也很烦人,完全没有必要。

  2. @nanmus: regular expression 支持在 POSIX 中已有,系统自带。md5/sha1, base64 支持在 openssl 中已有,系统自带。

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