Preserving Extended Attributes on OS X

When codesigning a Mach-O file (OS X executables or libraries), the signature information will be stored in the file itself through some Mach-O extension. When codesiging a bundle (.app or .framework), _CodeSignature directory will be created. But what happens when you codesigning a plain text file? Signature information will be stored in extended attributes. Because of that, when packaging or copying files like those, you would expect the tools to preserve extended attributes. Not all of them do that by default.

tar on OS X preserves extended attributes by default, both archive and unarchive. But zip doesn’t, a better replacement is ditto -k, ditto can be used as a replacement for cp as well, though cp in OS X preserves extended attributes by default.

When using rsync, -E or --extended-attributes will make sure it copies extended attributes.

When creating a dmg with hdiutil, keep in mind the makehybrid command will lost extended attributes, so you will have to use alternative ways.

Author: Jiang Jiang

A software engineer from China, working on some OS for a fruit company. Interested in typography and science fiction.

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