vim-cocoa 0.3 released

I’m pleased to announce vim-cocoa 0.3 is released. The main update is it now have full Mac OS X 10.6 support.

What’s New?


  • Fix frame height calculation when GUI tabline is enabled
  • Add back missing helptags


  • Fix crashing on loading non-UTF-8 menu translations (reported by ducksteven and dyroro)
  • Fix delayed refreshing (reported by fishy)


  • Update vim to 7.2.245
  • Rewrote part of the rendering process to increase performance, especially on Mac OS X 10.6
  • Add clipboard support for console mode (running without -g)
  • Use cmake to support out-of-directory build, see BuildInstructions for detail
  • Build with +ruby and +cscope by default


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If you found any issue, please file it here.

vim-cocoa 0.3 beta 1 released

After two days of work, here is the first beta of the 0.3 series of vim-cocoa.

vim-cocoa 0.3b1 screenshot

What’s New?

  • Updated vim to 7.2.49
  • Use Core Text to replace ATSUI for text rendering
  • Optimize program startup
  • Support transparency option to control background transparency
  • Fix cursor redraw on right clicking
  • Fix CTRL + SHIFT + ? key handling ( Issue 35 )
  • Mac OS X 10.5 only (Since Core Text is a 10.5 only framework)


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TODO List 的乐趣在于写