Palm Pre 中的默认字体

Coconut Medium
Coconut Medium

最显眼的,也是整个 Palm Pre 产品的标志性字体,是英文用的 Coconut 字体族,这是一套由 [The Font Bureau]( 在 2008 年给 Palm 专门开发的 sans-serif 字体,包含 Medium, Medium Oblique, Condensed Bold, Condensed Medium, Bold, Bold Oblique 六种风格。这套字体看起来很像修改版的 [Avenir](。

更新:The Font Bureau [正式发布](了这款字体,命名为 Prelude,可能是因为先前已经有字体叫作 Coconut 了…

日文是 [VL PGothic Regular](,看得出是经过精心选择的免费字体。

简体/繁体中文是[文鼎 PL UMing]( (AR PL UMing),这个就比较恶了,可惜能选的免费字体也不多。

韩文是 Batang,这个应该是 Windows 下默认的韩文字体。

还提供了 Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Courier New 和 Lucida Console 这几套 PC 上常见的字体。

值得一提的是,还有原来 Palm OS 上经典的点阵字体 [Sunnyvale](。

Web 字体的出路在哪里?

浏览器直接可用的 Web 字体在去年被重新提起,可是没过一段时间就沉寂下去,最近一期 [A List Apart]( 上 Jeffrey Zeldman 采访 David Berlow 的这篇 [Real Fonts on the Web]( 又引起了新一轮的讨论,这里摘录一些有趣的话。

David Berlow:
> How important dynamically rendered type is to design and use on the web must now be clear. In addition, the only other option—that the type industry cede its intellectual property to the public without permission—is not going to happen.

[Tal Leming](
> There should be a new file extension for this. I propose “.wtf” – “WebType Font”.

[Mark Pilgrim](
> … What he fails to mention is that *every font-consuming application on every platform on every computer on Earth* will need to be “upgraded” to “respect” this permissions table. Because otherwise they’re not really permissions, are they? They’re just useless bits taking valuable chunks out of my metered bandwidth plan. Like the [bozo bit]( without the bozo.

[Jonathan Hoefler](
> All of the type designers I know desperately want to find a way to enable people to use fonts online, and not just because we’re capitalist stooges, but because we live our lives online.

[Bruce Schneier](
> Truth be told, I don’t know. I feel rather like the physicist who just explained relativity to a group of would-be interstellar travelers, only to be asked: ‘How do you expect us to get to the stars, then?’ I’m sorry, but I don’t know that, either.